This website provides information about some of the most common sexually transmissible infections (STIs) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Not everyone with an STI will have the same symptoms (signs) described on this site. Some people may have no obvious symptoms, others may have only mild symptoms, and some may have more severe symptoms.


Even without symptoms, you may still have an STI and still be able to pass it on to other people—ONLY TESTING WILL LET YOU KNOW FOR SURE.


If you think you have an STI, get a check-up. If you don’t want to see your regular doctor, try a different doctor or go to a sexual health clinic or an Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS). There is a list of sexual health clinics and AMSs listed on this website.


While the best way to make sure you don’t get or pass on STIs is to have safe sex by using a condom and water based lubricant, condoms will not stop all STIs.