When to have an STI test?


The more sex you have, the more often you should have a sexual health check-up to test for HIV and other STIs.


All men who have sex with men should be tested at least once a year, even if you only have one regular partner. If you have casual sex outside of your relationship, you (and you partner) should get tested at least every six months; if you (or your partner) have more than one to two casual partners a month, it is recommended to get tested every three months.


If you are starting a new relationship, you should both have a check-up because either of you may have caught an STI from a previous partner.


Signs or symptoms that you may have an STI include:


Even if you show no symptoms, it is possible to have an STI and pass on the infection – especially if the infection is in the rectum (bum) or throat. Testing is the only way to know.


If you are HIV positive, getting regular blood tests to check your HIV viral load doesn’t mean you are getting tests for other STIs. If you are having lots of sex, you should ask your doctor to test for the full range of STIs.


You can ask to receive free and confidential e-mail or SMS reminders to go for a sexual health check-up, using the Remind Me service on this website.