Notify a partner by Email

Got an STI or recently had one? Want to tell your recent sex partners but not sure how to go about it?


Even though it can be difficult and uncomfortable it is important for their health - and the health of the people they may be having sex with - to know that they may have an STI.

Remember,if one partner is untreated,many STIs can be passed back and forth.


The e-postcard can either be sent anonymously or with your email address attached.

STEP 1   Please enter the first name & email address of up to six partners from the past six months:
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First Name
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STEP 2   Select a STI to include in the message(optional):

Your email address (or leave blank to send anonymously):


STEP 3   Enter a personal message (or leave blank):

STEP 4   Your message will read:
    A Msg from -(name) U may have been exposed to an STI and may need a sexual health check-up. See 'Been Told?' on website for info. PLS DO NOT REPLY.
<--Please use this service appropriately and consider any implications for the people who will receive it